Research- Unit 7

Secondary Research / Primary Research


I really do enjoy this colour palette, and feel this helped me make some informed decisions for my own choices. I don't think cartoons like the simpsons park get enough credit, they are actually so reflective of the real world, especially South Park.

especially south park. This sounds silly but because they make so many cheeky references to real events, I feel like a whole demographic of people are probably getting their only account of historical events through these shows. Along with being aesthetically interesting, cartoons as a method of informing the younger generation should be looked into with more more credibility I think.




New Yorker

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 23.44.43.png

I find these New Yorker covers interesting because they focus on our obsession with technology and how it's engrained into our culture. For me these images instantly communicate to me: humans have evolved to a point where we wouldn't be us humans anymore if technology were to disappear out of our lives. Christopher does this so effective with the minimal use of colour, he draws our attention to small but elements of the composition. I think they're also very relatable as well as enable you to laugh at the horrors of culture.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 23.52.49.png

I picked these 2 monochromatic covers purely for its genius use of space. I think they've really used the page in a unique way that reveals the words of the layer below. The one of the right is part of Christopher's augmented reality collection, its actually a gif which shows a drop of water drip from the bottom  component. What a lovely idea that transforms the ordinary experience of a opening a book cover. I don't know any other designers who can simultaneously make this act an interactive experience for the eyes as well as hands.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 23.51.23.png

Lastly I picked these 2 for the politic message behind them. I just thought this was an unconventional but interesting way of addressing the economic downfalls of our society. Living in a era where I feel there's a very constructed version of the truth constantly being presented to us, this image tells a message that simply wouldn't be said straight up by the big news companies. I feel like even the BBC will only choose to publicise something thats benefiting them in some way.

When it comes to delivering news through an graphic design as opposed to words, I believe if skilfully done, it's almost platform where you can never really be too offensive or too truthful because theres still that level of ambiguity that requires a little bit of deciphering. I feel like this allows messages stick to you more. Starting with brexit, then Trump and now this French election, it's really evident how rise of populism is slowing creeping up on us whilst we're confused as ever. Newspapers and magazine covers have the ability help us try engage and understand whats happening around the world. Newspapers being so widely distributed for free, it would be great to use this as a platform to network homeless people to squat because they can easily get access to the Evening Standard everyday.


John Divola

I think it's really cool how he uses abandoned houses as the actual medium for his work, where the location of art production transforms into the art itself. This is a good example of how placement of art plays a large role on the context, and coexists with it's purpose. I respect the amount of effort and risk he puts himself in when illegally enters and starts spray painting dots and lines. Seeing graffiti as a cultural phenomenon, I went to a town that got bought out by a airport to make room for the runway. Documenting the vandalism, he's preserving memory of a space thats become temporary. I think it's interesting to watch former areas of urban inhabitance deteriorate and turn into something else. I thinks theres so much potential and beauty in these places that are underlooked and regarded at waste.


The Oohoo

3 royal college of art students created edible form of water packaging out of algae.


Popping in mouth like a an enclosed membrane, I think this is a really innovative and sustainable alternative to plastic bottles. This made me think about water access to the homeless and how we might want to incorporate this form of packaging at food banks etc. in the future.


The Institute (doc)

This documentary by Spencer McCall is so weird and ambiguous it could arguably be considered a film 

(image from the "induction" participants go through)

I found this really inspiring because for a significant large mass of people in San Francisco this project really did effect their daily experience of the world. They would call up on weird fake advertisements and be invited to go along to an induction. This would involve participation of these people in a selection of strange tasks and discoveries and it gets to a point where they can't draw the line between real life and fantasy. What I find even more interesting is this barrier between us the viewer, the actual participants in the documentary as well as the creator of the documentary. It makes you question everything to a point where you don't know if what the creator presents to the participants is true, yet alone the whether this spectacle as a whole even happened in the first place. Similarly to the placement of strange adverts and clues leading to weird experiences around the City, I want to create a method and marking a route for derelict places.


Art of Design

In my opinion by far the best documentary series that's come out this year. Each episode exolores of different aspect of design

particularly enjoyed the graphic design, illustration and stage production episode. Looked into Paula Scher

use of typography

obsession with mapping

Christoph Neuman 

augmented reality 

transforming our experience of receiving news 

Es Devlin who I already love because of her work for The Fifth Sense (Chanel/ID) as well as Mirror Maze which was exhibition about trying to encapsulate the feeling of falling, 

mirror labyrinth 


Overall its made is realised how the creative industry distinguishes itself from other because there seems to be such a fine line between work and homelife. Especially as there's no physical mark or end point as a designer where you think thats it i'm done. There's always new problems to solve or ways to improve things. People change, the environment changes and we especially need to be thinking about the sustainability of our living, such our shopping habit. Both this unhealthy consumption food and clothes is so ridiculously wasteful. This made me think about how design can reshape the ideas on being content, and how constant consumption doesn't grant you satisfaction. This is why I decided to make vouchers showing items of food that add up to 10 pounds (same price as bed for a night). This addresses homelessness but at the same time highlights the our wasteful snacking. 


Homeless Symbols

the homeless in America have set up a form of communication amongst themselves to warn each other of dangers. A similar thing has happened in China where people have left marks on the floor about crime thats taken place. This has made me  more observant of our own streets and i'm wondering if the English have a system as sophisticated as this 



this made is think about how I can differentiate the work I'm targeting towards the homeless vs. the public. etc. by leaving messages on the floor or possibly utilising luminescence.

This would mean messages glowing in the dark to be seen at night time. The work would not only be geographically dependant but also specific to a time of day when it would be most necessary to be seen.



Jim Grover

photograph streets of clapham


this image in particular really stuck with me: Taking out money right infront of a homeless person and you know in your head if they asked you money seconds later, your immediate reaction would be to lie and say you don't have anything to spare. This seems to a reappearing motif in my life and i'm sure it's relatable to other people. Wouldn't it be great if cash machines set aside some money in coins dedicate for the homeless 


These photographs made me think about how on the same street where someones being chundering and stumpling around drunk, is someone sitting there through the night because they've got no where else to go, at worst maybe even frozen to death over the night.

I feel like there are many scenarios where by you getting on with you're normal day is just slightly offensive or insensitive in the face of a homeless person. I should think more about this scenarios and make some art addressing these issues to the public.




150 families in Britain become homeless everything 

57,000 empty buildings in London


Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

This made we think about how most of us consume to excess for temporary satisfaction whereas for a homeless person they're consuming what need to actually live. I think this hierarch puts into perspective how most of our physiological needs are generally met unquestionably.


Oyster Card Visual Language

Markings on tube maps are instantly understandable in a ways that's not conceivable as quickly by words. It couldn't be more appropriate for the fast moving pace of the busy underground network system. Looking into TFL helped me make my make my symbols that can be generically applied across London.

Squatting laws

squatting in non-residential building or land isn’t in itself a crime, it’s a crime to damage the property

forced entry is an offence and so is trespassing 

but it's legal if you're not intending to live there

look out for shops, pubs and warehouses 

once in, change the locks, secure every point of entry 

you have legal protection when there is someone inside 

 Have a Legal Warning or a prepared statement for the police

note the reading on the electricity and gas meters and contact the suppliers telling them you wish to set up an account.

"The local council’s Planning Department has a register of all planning applications and decisions which you can see online. This will tell you who, if anyone, has made an application or got permission.

The Land Registry records ownership of most places. You can get the details for a particular place at It costs £3 per place (with a credit or debit card). If there is both a freehold and leasehold owner registered, the leaseholder is the one with rights to the place and can evict you."



Lucy Oorta

Driven by political and social issues, Lucy Orta has created refugee wear which also looks into the interaction between between our body and it's surroundings. Creating temporary shelters which can transform into clothing, her work shows this overlay between the body and architecture, with sustainability also playing a significant role.

These makeshift habitats act as portable housing thats wearable, providing shelter in emergency situations. She began her work in refugee wear during the economic recession when the stock market crash and gulf war would have been having a negative impact on society. It's a "poetic response to the humanitarian aid appeals for shelter and clothing to help Kurd refugees fleeing war zones... and homeless people on the streets of Paris"'.

They convert into anoraks and backpacks, ideal for the nomadic lifestyle. This transformation from clothing to shelter represents the freedom of movement as well as the exchange of cultures and friendships formed in the conditions attached to migration.

A technical aspect are these telescopic carbon armatures that cause fabric above the chest to rise. This is in efforts to counteract feelings of claustrophobia. I think her work is innovative and is design that serves a function. She has found a way to tackle issues like homelessness through good design. I find her work as pieces of art inspiring because it's purpose serves a use in the world.


Advisory Squatting Services

Exploring their website, this lead me to finding simple steps on how to squat 

1. Prepare: find people, tools, locations (research)

2. Get In: crowbar?, plan, creativity, bare in mind alarms and cameras (not breaking and entering if no one saw you!)

3. Good enough? access to water, electricity (look out for L.E.B. ON/OFF) 

4. Secure entries, Change locks: tools, bolts, barricades

5. Get electricity account: by phone/email/letter, customer number 

6. Do Not open: occupy at all time, have legal warnings ready printed


I also read a comic uploaded on the website. I was completely unaware that my hometown Hong Kong has held significant past for squatting in Kowloon

Walled City of Kowloon

Walled off from the colonised prestige where law didn't exist and bodies were being dragged out daily from heroin overdoes, this at the time would have been one of the most condensly pack places to live on Earth. That fact this was a functioning place of inhabitance for so many meant that they were doing what a lot of countries claimed impossible to do, to put that many people living together such a tight space.

What's really interesting is their design and how they utilised these tiny rooms to make it work for themselves; because amongst these criminals and drug addicts were also families and children who've never seen outside those walls. Being forced to resourceful and make things work with cheap materials, I find it really inspiring how they almost transform an unstable and unfortunate circumstances of their surroundings into something that works and is comfortable for them. It's also interesting to picture beautiful moments in this labryinth occurring side-by-side to the horrors of what went down there. I think this could to apply to re-locating the homeless. We can think about utilising spaces where we situate the homeless in shelters in a more pleasant and allows communal spaces. 



Johnson Banks- V&A




made this to aid the proposal of building an extension 




This inspired me to look into folding techniques. If I do it in an interesting way, it would almost make directing yourself with a map feel like playing games or doing a puzzle. There's something nostalgic about this I want to work with. I want to similarly have an interactive element in my work


Shelter - Johnson Banks


I love the way they've converted the H into a house 

its a message simply communicated and you get it straight away. It made me think about how I can incorporate visual language of a street 

into my carpet which say "Home Street Home" 


I think they've been really cheeky by approaching this hrough humour and satirical play on street art.

Although I'm not sure I agree with all this focus of bad housing as opposed to no housing at all


Dunne & Raby

At the Design museum, I encountered Dunne and Raby's electric cars.


The visit to the museum made me realised how sublimal messages are. Thinking about toys and playing cards etc. they are so white orientated 

and set up attitudes about social structures and non binary ways of living.



The Great Everything and the Nothing (Documentary)


This was a really enlightening documentary

by the Ooumun Group who preach rent free and community values. It's all about civil resistance as the ultimate rebellion to the state, as well as reclaiming waste space. Hostsing cultural and autonomous spaces, squatting is a way of asserting peoples rights and retaking privately owned land to directly aid food and shelter. It made me realised alot of stuff like just popping into the shops probably break all these ethics you already have. I think over egoism is really the route of this lack of desire to help others. As money is the physical representation of this, it nurtures ego and pushes us into doing jobs that we acknowledge can be done more efficiently and better by a machine. It touches upon how it's all a hoax and that money isn't the end goal too late down the line.

"for the first time in human history, we now have the wisdom, technology and resources available to us to cater for every single person's human needs on this planet without unnecessarily destroying our planet and the lives of neighbouring animals"

This is a scary realisation of how society functions on greed. We've set up these social paradigms which make it seem absolutely normal and okay to master the art of being selfish; because with money comes power and you find yourself ignoring everybody else's feelings to perpetuate personal gain.


Autonomous nation of anarchist Libertarians



This group has definitely been the biggest influence of my project so far

"New rough sleeper figures published this week have revealed an increase of 16%from last year, to more than 4,000..

More than 200,000 homes have been empty for more than six months, according to new government figures.

?We have squatted many other high-profile buildings in central London in the past,? said Fox. ?Admiralty Arch, Mayfair and Pall Mall. There are so many empty buildings like this one in central London.?

especially as  "Westminster council wants to send homeless people like us out of London and there isn?t much provision around for homeless women"w

I think what this group is doing is great and its quite bit ridiculous that companies are actually paying property guardians to make sure places aren't being squatted. If a property has been standing empty for 7/8 years, with the number of homeless people on the streets its almost inhumane to keep that building empty for that amount of time.

In the middle of a housing crisis, it's so obviously wrong the amount of money going in to keep them empty. 

Squatters are either homeless victims or those to choose to because they love the lifestyle in the squat, the idea of taking something for nothing. I don't respect people who "put the value of property over the value of putting a roof over your head", which is why I'm making my work about this subject.



Hidden in the sand (2008)

after the turkish invasion of cyprus's city varosha, this documentary talks about what happened after the whole city got evacuated. 





Undercover- Britains homeless scandal (2017, Channel 4)

"Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the impact on homeless women attempting to get off the streets."

1/4 women have been sexually assaulted in the past year

60% feared physical violence and threats

 68,000 homeless women who either in temporary accommodation, the streets or emergency shelters. 

A lot of these women never expected to be homeless, especially at 40 years old.

They have to sleep under their belongings with the fear of being robbed and attacked, on top of having to cover up to pretend to be a lad in order to appear less vulnerable. A lot of these people have mental health issues and it is the local councils duty to access the situation and provide immediate help, if pregnant or have suffered domestic violence etc.

With the housing budget worsening,  councils seem to be doing a better job gate keeping, selecting only a few to help out and turning away the rest. Housing offices have become decensitised and increasingly have to reduce the number of people coming in, saying excuses that "issues have to be life-threatening" in order for them to help.

1/4 of rough sleepers are in london, with Brighton being one of the worst place. Reasons for doing such is often to escape domestic violence. 

-1/5 single sex refuges have closed in the past 6 years 

- life expectancy on the streets is 43 

This lack of empathy coming from local councils is definitely evident because aren't following through with their legal obligations. Also being pregnant and homeless doesn't count apparently until the baby is 8 weeks or born? is pre-natal care even considered or doesn't that not apply to the homeless? Anything could happen in the 2 months the mother and child are left to fend on the streets,  which explains why a lot of them don't make it to birth. 

After going undercover using various different stories, they found that 4/15 women were offered help and that if this were real life 11 women would have had no choice but to find alternate rearrangements for the nigh, which for a lot of them would mean a night on the streets.

All 15 women if probed, would of been entitled to emergency shelters due to the vulnerability suggested in their story.  



He made a hotel with worlds worst view. Being an icon for political street art, I bought a book guide of his graffiti across London, which is great but the work that impresses me the most with Banksy are this large scale almost architectural project where he curates these immersive spaces that reflect the horrors that go on out of sight. He shines a light different social standards and particularly hardships of refugees. Allowing you to experience the world differently in a controlled environment, this work is so experiential and also brings to attention the things that I feel are either not acknowledged enough, or just merely not cared about. 

He is a such an iconic example of how we can begin to solve problems through beauty, although you can argue he isn't directly helping the subjects of his artworks himself. In a way he is helping  through empathy and spreading the idea of how, as a member of society who has been privileged by just inheriting a security to food, shelter and rest; we should generally be more grateful for that and be helping others who haven't been quite as lucky.


Polish Circus


 Hubert Hilscher (1924-1999),


“Cyrk” poster by Jan Sawka (1946-2012), Poland (1974)Cyrk_Poster_Neugebauer_4-681x1024.jpg

Jacek Neugebauer (b.1934)

Both the tight walk and juggling posters are an interesting use of space, definitely makes use of the shape and orientation of the page.


- Hans Erni Circus 
For a circus founded by the Knie family (Switzerland). 

I love the style of these poster done for the circus group CYRK, and especially love the white outline in the last one. It's such an effective way to refine roughness of a painting below, as well conveying a sense of movement. I should give this analogue method a go. I think the colours are entirely appropriate for the circus. I want to somehow incorporate this handmade illustrative style together with a digital process.


A.S.S. contact information


"homes for people not profit"

Considering the value of important information put on here, I don't actually think this leaflet was designed as effectively as it could of been. why black and white? Although I do think thats a nice illustration which communicates the idea of squatting.


Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS)
Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High St
London, E1 7QX

Open Monday to Friday 2-6pm
Tel: 0203 216 0099
Fax: 0203 216 0098

Practical Squatters Nights
Tuesdays 7-8pm
1st and 3rd Tuesday ? LARC, 61 Fieldgate St E1
2nd and 4th Tuesday ? 56a InfoShop, 56 Crampton Street SE17


Mark Jenkins



This series of work reminded me of what Influenza said 

"A well placed intervention shows the power the dynamics of the street, it's culture, it's history and it's limitations."

I see street art as almost a disruption to the normal urban landscape. To some people it may be consider vandalism if it changes how you feel when you walk down the street, then I consider that art. The sculptures with their head stuck in the wall may be suggesting mindless humans?

 nonetheless, its still a disruption into the surrounding manmade structures.


Guerilla Girls

I find these female activist super empowering through politics and art. If you can get someone who doesn't agree with you to laugh; it is a way to get through to them the issues that don't normally concern them.


28dayslater/ heritage at

heritage at risk- annual register for buildings at risk 

This acts a reference for a timeframe regarding how much time is left before being knocked down. I used these websites to initially source the locations to explore for the commune.

Based off other people accounts of their urbex,

trusting a strangers word of mouth, but a useful tool nevertheless 

Derelict London/ Derelictplaces



Bernard Buffet

I find the illustration style of these landscapes really beautiful. Looking at the minimal use of shading which almost should make them appear 2D but they have depth. I Also particularly enjoy this almost intuitive use of line which doesn't feel very precise. This was a reference for my own drawings on the potential squat locations.



Sweet Toof

I met a famous graffiti artist because he asked to paint a boat my friend was building. As he's been at since 88, and has appeared in the documentary Exit Throughthe Giftshop, it was an absolutely enlightening experience watching this legend work, especially when we got on the boat and were able to reach high up spots up on the bridge that otherwise would be difficult to access. He ended up painting 4 more neighbouring boats. He says he like boats in particular because you only have to do half the work and water does the rest for you.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 15.38.17.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 15.30.53.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 15.35.42.png

The one high up on the bridge is very intriguing looking because just looks like the widest mouth in the world thats about to swallow up the canal. Having only very briefly looked at the characteristics of the boat before going for it, it's amazing how quickly he's transforms the ordinary.


didn't do it justice when I initially saw him do it at night 

looked at the characteristics of the boat is very tied in to the animal spirit he's chosen. We were talking about it almost seemed like a mutation caused these barges to mutate into animals and now that an invasion was spreading across london through the water, you could even get a narrative going on between these creatures. His ability to improvise like that really makes me want to improve my technique but also to find my own signature graffiti style. All this work with reflection has also made me think about how I can incorporate reflections into my own work; so that only those observant enough will be able to read my message through reflective surfaces

it's strangely cool that he's left his signature mark in so many of the abandoned places I've visited in the past, like Bromley on Bow, the Brown and Tawse sight:





The poster of the racing track made me think about how I can split the different levels of Maslow's Hierarch of needs by lane. I imagined a straight line across all 8 lanes marking the starting point, each lane increasing in distance as it goes up. This could be a way to visualise how some people have to get through more distance to get to the same end point. I think money does play an involvement into this but it doesn't have to if only we adopted more communal values amongst ourselves. It's a big effort for one person to help everybody but it's a little effort for one person to make a difference for one other individual once in a while. 

The same colours for my Headsquatters sign was based off:

Due to the fact that Foxtons out of all the estate agencies seem to be most common, I thought this was the ultimate recognisable symbol of estate agencies. This is why I chose to subvert their visual language in the hopes of getting reaction once they read the message "Homes Open To All". It's a basic reminder to people that housing should be a human right, and not a profitable generation of wealth, greed and power.


Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 15.57.58.png.1

Looking at stencils made by others, this has helped my make the cutouts for my stencilling. Looking at these 2 in particular, I was able to distinguish where the highlights and shadows lie on a face structure in darkness. The right one was really helpful because I'm similarly doing a stencil piece of a face coming out of the shadows (of a keyhole). 


Nomads Community Garden

utilising the disused and neglected 






(my graffiti on outside of extension we built)

Community gardens like nomadic are a great place initiate projects about the homeless because they already do so much work in utilising wasted materials and building shelters. It's also where you generally find a lot of like minded people who want to help. Also they do a lot of gardening here  which is a great start to sustainable living, theres even a greenhouse made completely out of windows here intact. Speaking to the people who've been involved with this place has been hugely inspiring.





I find these very provocative images because they touch on subjects very hard to talk about. Despite being grim, I think it's a positive step to force people to think about these issues that misunderstood. As they are very direct in getting to the point, it's almost the opposite of what i'm trying to do. Instead of bluntly portraying the harsh realities, I want my work to very much blend into existing visual language so that makes a memorable impact the moment the viewer realises how I've subverted the recognisable. (referring to the voucher/ oyster cards). I also enjoy how Dolk's work is very context dependant where location is significant. In rural and isolated areas where you wouldn't expect to see these images is definitely going to have a long lasting impact. I should try doing more large scale work thats hard to access. 


Community Gardens





+ Tidemile Wildlife Garden




Hackney Wick

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 19.52.16.png

squat by fish island  




"nuclear fee zone"

"unite for peace", "ecology"

"no more hiroshimas"


Passing Clouds, The Hive (shut music venues)


@march for music


Found Materials

- circuitboards

- cardboard 

- keep out tape



(found in construction site)



homeless setup?



Deptford (potential squatspots)


behind pub


^-- where I met Molly and Keisha, the dog (currently squatting at the library, looking for new squat)


boat squat (burnt down?) / art collective group ----^


signs that building is disused: accumulated letters, graffiti


^--- throws away dairy               derelict ----^               throws away meat -----^


 deptford market 



ferryboat station 

Greenwich squat with terrace (marked with symbol)





Greenwich Library Squat "Evict the state, Take back the city"


squat rufus



From Shorditch to Saatchi


currently exhibition at Saatchi 


was former squat, not sure about now

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 16.03.04.png

by cambridge health station 

message thats big, simple and subversive


towards bethnal green 


high up 


more noticeable 

also much more long-lasting 

hard to get to 

generally have to use rollies unless you can climb up somewhere 

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 16.11.29.png

abandoned cinema in whitecapel

saw it walking from liverpool street




Elon Musk

bringing water to 

percentage of the world who still dont



biggest business coorperatiobns thinking about sustsainabilitry 



chritien Meindertsma

dutch textile sorting company wieland

belgian machine maker  valvan

mess up 

throwing jumpers in the wrong sort 

labeling was all wrong polyester despite being wool 

1000 sweaters by colour 

personalised jumpers 

using material that otherwise would be considered as waste


Busted: America's Poverty Myths


about the poverty line




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